Wrapped shooting for our latest drama documentary: “V2: Hitler’s Space Rocket”

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SH Germany | We are excited to share a sneak peek from a thrilling four days of filming drama re-enactments for “V2: Hitler’s Space Rocket”. For this international documentary, we had the pleasure of working with London’s Warehouse 51 as our co-production partner. Directed by Andreas Gutzeit, the historical figures of the script came to life vividly here on set in Alt-Mariendorf, Berlin.

Interviewing Jan Henrik Stahlberg: “Who is Fikkefuchs?”

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SH Germany | Thursday, 10.30 a.m., company meeting. New projects are presented and our Head of Productions, Jens Freels, saves the best for last: “We are co-producers of a cine film. We’re really happy, and the name of the film is…” He waits until he has everyone’s attention: “… Fikkefuchs!”

“Galileo Spezial: So verliebt sich die Welt” airing in August

producer with bride_India - Kopie

SH Germany | Everyone can relate to love. It’s bitter. And sweet. Love causes butterflies – but also can cause pain. However, love isn’t just love – especially when you consider traditions, expectations and cultural differences. Julia Loesch travelled to Delhi, Tokyo and London in order to show how people fall in love.