„Nelson Müllers Landpartie“ on ZDF starting September, 13th!

Header_Nelson Müllers Landpartie

SH Germany | Star chef Nelson Müller takes his audience on a flavor journey through Germany’s culinary regions. Labskaus, roast pork, bratwurst and Swabian ravioli are on the menu at ZDF! This Sunday is going to be delicious!

Wrapped shooting for „Blutsbrüder – Mein Freund der Zombie”

Blutsbrüder - Mein Zombie und ich_Header

SH Germany | It’s been one year since the zombie-apocalypse…all of the undead are dead by now. All of them? No! One has survived and that one is extremely hungry!

Wrapped shooting for our latest drama documentary: “V2: Hitler’s Space Rocket”

detonation in grocery story

SH Germany | We are excited to share a sneak peek from a thrilling four days of filming drama re-enactments for “V2: Hitler’s Space Rocket”. For this international documentary, we had the pleasure of working with London’s Warehouse 51 as our co-production partner. Directed by Andreas Gutzeit, the historical figures of the script came to life vividly here on set in Alt-Mariendorf, Berlin.