“Jamestown’s Dark Winter” airing on PBS, November 24th


SH Washington | The thrilling documentary reveals what really happened in the first English colony in the Americas when food shortage probably forced the first settlers to what they never wanted to commit…

Galileo report „The Path of Food“ nominated for The Science Film Festival


SH Germany | Simple to understand and storylike, the astonishing journey into our insides illustrates the path of our food through our body. This convinced the jury of the Science Film Festival 2015 which has nominated the film in the category “Natural Science, Life Science & Technology”.

“YOLO – Das große W” starts its 5th season!


SH Germany | Investigating, exploring, finding answers – with this motto, we have already produced the 5th season of our youth magazine “Das große W” and “Das große W – Expedition”. Starting on Saturday, September, 17th, the magazine is back on air!