Pearl Harbor – Into The Arizona airing on PBS, November 23rd

SH Washington | The thrilling documentary gives a closer look at Pearl Harbor – diving into the Arizona. Pearl Harbor – Into The Arizona, airing nationally Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016 […]

New Episodes of RTLs “Die Fakten-Checker”

„Die Fakten-Checker“ starting October 8th 2016, every Saturday at 9.15am  on RTL.  In FACT-CHECKERS, reporter Evelyn Weigert will take the viewer into the world of exciting everyday phenomena, starting from […]

Serienale Blutsbrüder Screening in Berlin

“Blutsbrüder – mein Bruder der Zombie”, the first zombie webseries from Story House Productions will be screened at Serienale in Berlin. Watch every episode of Boris and his brother Frank […]