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“Great Dismal Swamp” screens at Arkhaios Festival

SH Berlin |  We are honored to announce that our documentary „Escape to the Great Dismal Swamp“, directed by Andreas Gutzeit, has been selected to compete in the 2018 Arkhaios […]

“Nelson Müller’s Food Report” airs September 11th

SH Berlin | How good are organic tomatoes, premium beef & fine chocolate? Star chef Nelson Müller takes a closer look at four of the Germans’ most popular foods: Honey, […]

Now on Netflix: “Bed Bugs”

SH Berlin | “Bed Bugs” on Netflix Jan Henrik Stahlberg´s latest work “Bed Bugs” is vulgar, rough and shameless. The black comedy, co-produced by STORY HOUSE, surprised viewers with it […]

Part two of “Drugs – A World History” airs on ZDF

SHP Berlin |  Humans have been using drugs since the beginning of time. In Ancient Times and the Middle Ages, beer and wine were considered basic food, cannabis was frequently […]

STORY HOUSE partners with development exec Nichole Bardin

SHP | Washington  We are happy to announce that STORY HOUSE Productions is partnering up with Rock. Paper. Shoot. Media. founder and former Discovery Channel executive Nichole Bardin. Nichole Bardin will […]

New episodes of “CopyCat Killers” on Reelz

SHP Washington |  Movies and murder. New episodes of the true-crime series start airing on Reelz on August 18th 2018. “CopyCat Killers” chronicles real-life crimes and criminals inspired by well-known […]

“Drugs – A World History” airs on ZDF

SHP Berlin |  Two-part documentary with Prof. Harald Lesch Humans have been using drugs for millennia. In Ancient Times and the Middle Ages, beer and wine were considered basic food, […]

On set with “The Sprite Sisters”

SH Berlin |  Greetings from Belgium! This week, our family movie THE SPRITE SISTERS continued filming in Belgium. Our Chief Creative Officer, Andreas Gutzeit, was on set to meet bestseller […]

“Tell Me Who I Am” in final throes of post-production

SH Berlin | The musical documentary “Tell Me Who I Am” – co-produced by Story House Productions – is in the final throes of post-production. The film is written and […]

“Iron Harvest” premieres on Nat Geo, September 1st

SHP Berlin |  The documentary “Iron Harvest” will premiere on National Geographic Germany on September 1st at 9 pm. “Iron Harvest” chronicles the most dangerous missions of the German Kampfmittelbeseitigungsdienst […]