Animated series; target group: 6-10 years: Thirteen-year-old QUINN NEXUS thinks that bad school grades and living up to his single mother LAURA (42), a big shot scientist, are his biggest problems. Boy, he has no idea what challenges wait just around the corner… Through an interdimensional rift that appears in his mom’s lab Quinn, the headstrong KIRA (12) and child-prodigy BAZ (11) are transported into the strange ATOM WORLD. It’s the home of the ELEMONSTERS, fantastic creatures who exist in all kinds of sizes and shapes. Each of them wields its own amazing power based on a distinctive chemical element. There is for example FERRO who is tough as iron and can act as magnet, NITRO who can shoot freeze rays and occasionally explodes (like nitrogen) and SULFUS who can be terribly smelly (like sulfur).

As elements can be chemically combined into compounds with new characteristics, the Elemonsters can temporarily merge into new monsters with different abilities. But they need an ELEMASTER to trigger this transformation. And it’s Quinn of all people who possesses the Elemaster’s power. If it wasn’t bad enough already that the three kids have no idea how to return to Earth, Atom World is threatened by the wicked, radioactive GAMMAS. Together with some new Elemonster friends they make along the way, the three try to save the Elemonsters’ world and find a way back home.  Quinn, Baz and Kira  Elemonsters is an animated adventure series for a young audience that combines fantasy, science fiction and humor. The show focuses on exciting stories, engaging characters and great children’s entertainment in the vein of the best animated monster franchises. It’s all about three youngsters and their amazing monstrous friends having the adventure of their lifetime in an incredible and marvelous world.  Like in every good monster show, the fun is to get to know the powers, abilities and characteristics of the many exciting, intriguing and hilarious characters. There are more than a 100 Elemonsters and they can be combined into countless new monsters with different abilities based on chemical compounds. This is a great premise for collectible toys, a trading card game, video games and other merchandise through which the chemistry-based powers of the Elemonsters can be explored and experimented with.