Bed Bugs

When his son Thorben suddenly shows up, 50-year old loner Rocky has to face new challenges. Thorben is still a virgin and wants his father to teach him how to get women laid. Why? According to Thorben’s mom Rocky once was “the stallion of Wuppertal”. Of course, the two men fail horribly along the way…

“Bed Bugs” (original title: “Fikkefuchs”) was co-produced by STORY HOUSE Productions. The feature comedy is Jan Henrik Stahlberg’s third directorial work. He also wrote the script and stars as wannabe ladies’ man Rocky. Franz Rogowski (“Love Steaks”, “Victoria”) plays his son Thorben.

The film was produced by Saralisa Volm in cooperation with Stahlberg und Wolfram Fleischhauer and with support by 908.