Open Desert

“Open Desert”, a made for TV feature film from award-winning STORY HOUSE Productions and Meinwerk Film Production is a gripping survival story that takes place in one of the world’s most foreboding and dangerous environments: the desert. In the vein of thrillers like “Open Water” and “172 Hours”, “Open Desert” pits unwitting protagonists against the harsh and violent realities of the endless desert and against each other.

“Open Desert” tells the story of twenty-one year old, Lucie St. James who travels to a desert resort town for a dream vacation with her lawyer boyfriend, David. When David’s demanding work keeps him glued to his phone, Lucie vows to make the best of the situation. She leaves David in the hotel and ventures off to explore the desert with Ben, a sexy stranger she meets in a bar. But the adventure turns deadly in a heartbeat …