Story House Productions on Real Screen’s Global 100 list

Story House Productions has been nominated as one of the top 100 Global Production Companies by Real Screen magazine. This prestigious award showcases innovation, business acumen and, of course, great […]

Part 2: „No-Name oder Marke?” with Nelson Müller airs March 21st

SH Berlin | Premium brands are often considered tastier, of better quality and healthier. Consumers love so-called “luxury brands”. Supermarkets and grocery stores are aware of this trend and offer […]

“No-Name oder Marke?” with Nelson Müller airing on ZDF, March 14th

SH Berlin | In “No-Name oder Marke? Der große Lebensmittel-Test mit Nelson Müller”, celebrity chef Nelson Müller puts generic and brand name products to the test. He compares them based […]