World War A – When Aliens Attack

Do aliens exist and could they come to destroy our earth? The documentary „World War A  – When Aliens Attack“ accompanies renowned scientists on their search for life in space. Are there planets where life is possible — maybe even a second Earth? Will we soon find life on Mars? How could aliens travel through the universe? SETI researchers are using radio telescopes to search for signals from extraterrestrials. Some even want to send news into space. But is this really a good idea? What if we attract the attention of dangerous aliens? Would we have a chance against the attackers? Or would an alien invasion be the end of humanity?

In addition to the documentary, STORY HOUSE produced „World War A: Aliens VR“. The VR-clip is available on the free ARTE360 VR-app. In this 360°-video, viewers embark on a quest to find extraterrestrial life by analyzing video and audio surveillance data from space.

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