The Group

This docu series accompanies six young people with six completely different lives – but one thing that unites them: Kathi, Pati, Yvonne, Diego Matthias and Miles are mentally ill. Their lives are determined by fear and compulsions. But together – as a group – they courageously face their problems.

Kathi, Pati, Yvonne, Diego Matthias and Miles come from different parts of Germany. Each of them lives his or her own life and has his own story. But they all have a mental illness that they cannot control on their own. In order to not let their lives be determined by fears and inner compulsions, they participate in an extraordinary project: For half a year, they keep a video diary and regularly discuss their setbacks and struggles as well as their hopes and dreams with the group.  They are supported by the trauma therapist Diana Kerzbeck. She accompanies them and talks to them about their struggles in everyday life. The young people often do not feel understood by family and friends. Almost all of them have been in therapy and know that their psychological problems will not disappear on their own.  Their goal: to change their lives.

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