Kidnapped – I want my child back!

Private Investigator, Norbert Idel, searches for kidnapped children who are brought to foreign countries.

Germany has about 1.000 missing children who have been kidnapped and taken abroad by one of their parents. Starting March 27th, in the new episodes of the documentary series, “Kidnapped – I want my child back!“, Norbert Idel and his team set out to search for the missing children.  For 30 years the private investigator has been solving cases of child abductions, and he is the last best hope for many desperate families. The show airs Wednesdays at 8:15pm on German RTL.

The victimized children face unthinkable amounts of trauma in their new lives. These kids get torn from their familiar surroundings and struggle every day with the loss of their mom or dad. Because governmental administrations file away many of these abduction cases, the bereft parent stands alone, left without hope of ever embracing their child again.

During his investigations, Idel and his team work closely with national and international authorities to help solve these crises. But the crew can’t take action until legal issues have been evaluated. Who has legal custody over the child? And even more important: Who determines the child’s place of residence? Only if the searching parent holds this right is there a legal possibility to bring back their kids.

In these new episodes, the private investigator travels to Romania, Jordan, Egypt, Austria and Lebanon, and many other places. But the clock is ticking– the longer a child has been missing, the worse are the chances of finding him or her.  All these desperate parents can do is have faith that Norbert Idel sees their child safely home.

This documentary series, with its highly emotional topic, vividly shows the investigations as well as the personal stories behind them.  RTL will run “Kidnapped – I want my child back!” on five consecutive Wednesday nights starting March 27th.

The first episode of “Kidnapped – I want my child back!“ aired in November 2011 and received ratings of 17,2% among younger viewing audiences (ages 14 to 49). In total 3,84 million people watched this exceptional series.


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