Neanderthal Apocalypse

What happened to the Neanderthal Man?

The Neanderthal Man lost the game when he ran into homo sapiens – we’ve believed this fact for most of history. But is it actually true? In an extraordinary documentary, Story House reveals what really wiped the Neanderthals off the face of the earth.

It might surprise people to know that most humans carry up to 3% of the Neanderthal genetic code in their cells. Recent discoveries reveal that his DNA still lives on today. Collectively 30% of this ancient species’ genome has survived in modern humans.

The question is why?

he documentary Neanderthal Apocalypse unravels the mystery of what happened to the Neanderthals, how they encountered homo sapiens, and how they disappeared while still leaving their imprint on our very existence.

New information might finally solve this enduring riddle of annihilation. World-renowned experts are our guides as each discovery reveals more about how Neanderthals lived, where they roamed, how they measured up to Modern Man, and finally, the real story of how the Neanderthal was wiped out. Our epic quest will take us around the world from the ice fields of Greenland to the caves of Romania, from the last Neanderthal refuge in Gibraltar to the volcanic fields of Italy.

This documentary is filled with info-graphics showing where and when the Neanderthal lived, their migration patterns, where they met up with humans, and what happened when a cataclysmic event destroyed much of their world, leaving Modern Man to inherit the earth. Recreations are used as launch pads for 3D animations that illustrate the Neanderthal’s traits, strengths, and weaknesses. And unique scientific demonstrations will compare Neanderthals to humans like never before.

Find the trailer here.

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