Throughout time, people from all over the planet have been witness to strange, unexplicable events, which leave them deeply disturbed by the experience.  More often than not they want answers, but answers are not always easy to come by.  Researchers into these strange phenomena believe the sheer weight of evidence would suggest that strange things lurk in the forests, oceans and skies above planet earth, but scientists want more proof and real data.

National Geographic’s ParaNatural takes you inside the weird and wonderful world of the unexplained.  Sometimes, the only thing keeping us from the answer, is asking the right question.

Are there still dinosaurs roaming the Earth?  According to some there could be a Sauropod lurking in the depths of a lake deep in the hills of Scotland.  The legend of the Loch Ness stretches across generations, dating back to the time of prehistoric man.  Skeptics point to the complete lack of concrete evidence and the number of known hoaxes.  Believers argue that lake monsters are reported on a global scale, from Turkey, Russia and North America.  Recent sightings, photographs and video only add to the intrigue.

From the depths of Earth’s oceans to the skies, our world is filled with oddities that we struggle to understand.  In the wheat fields of Wiltshire, England strange circles and depictions of signs are being formed with witnesses often claiming to have seen UFO’s in the area at the time the circles are being formed.  Skeptics point out that crop circles are a fairly recent event and ask why Alien life forms would travel so far to leave such cryptic messages.  The number of merry pranksters who admit to making the circles further bolsters their arguments.  Believers point out that in a percentage of cases there are anomalies, like heightened levels of radiation that just can’t be explained.  Many believers argue that reported sightings of UFO’s go back thousands of years, occur in almost every culture and have been reported by airline pilots, government officials and even astronauts.

Our imaginations can often be the source of what scares us most.  Psychologists believe that humans are hardwired to look for things that aren’t really there, it’s part of our DNA and a defense mechanism against the unknown that has served us well for hundreds of thousands of years.  Could this explain why pilots and navigators the world over are wary of travelling through the dreaded Bermuda Triangle?  Or when people hear a strange noise in the night they think ghost?

If a doctor told you a loved one had passed on, only for them to miraculously spring to life again you would presumably be thrilled.  Now imagine if that loved one explained that there is life after this life, and that they had experienced it, would you believe them?

Would you believe someone if they told you they could see the future? According to some religious scholars, the bible hides within its texts, codes that have predicted every major event since it was written.  If that isn’t strange enough, what about the predictions and prophecies of Nostradamus, the infamous doctor from the era of the Black Plague.  For many, Nostradamus is the king of prophecy, but for every believer there’s a skeptic who will argue he was nothing more than a second rate poet.

ParaNatural breaks new ground in the investigation of the enigmas of our world. We present the evidence, you just have to answer; is it possible or Paranatural?

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