Tell Me Who I Am

„Tell Me Who I Am“ is a musical co-produced by STORY HOUSE Production. The film was written and directed by Italian director Sergio Basso and follows the struggles faced by Sarita, a 13-year-old girl born in Khudunabari, a refugee camp in Nepal. More than 100,000 Bhutanese exiles live here since 1990. Their plight has been met with indifference from the international community. Now, they will be „resettled“. Thousands of families are forced to emigrate.

The filmmakers of „Tell Me Who I Am“ lived with the refugees in Khudunabari during filming. Instead of melodrama Sergio Basso uses irony as a weapon to tell their tragic story. The film is a musical documentary – a new hybrid. Refugees will not tell viewers about their past, they will not speak out what it means to lose their identity. They will sing it to us.

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