Terra X - One Day In … Season II

A historical glance at the everyday life of ordinary people. The second season of „One Day In…“ for ZDF „Terra X“ is here. The trilogy tells the everyday stories of a Cologne midwife in the year 1629, a Parisian wigmaker in 1775 and a Berlin policeman in the year 1926.

„One Day In Cologne 1629“ takes us back to the former Free Imperial City during the Thirty Years’ War, in which the midwife Anna Stein lives and works. The film documents her life that wavers between religious belief, superstition and science.
The obsessive belief in witches that is the cause of death for about 25.000 people in Germany in the early modern era also has taken over the once calm city of Cologne. And especially midwifes are under suspicion of being in league with the devil…

„One Day In Paris 1775“ depicts the everyday life of the young wigmaker Léonard Minet, who rebels against the rigid thinking in social classes and secretly creates lady’s hairstyles.
At the time of the Ancien Régime, even in the fashion capital Paris, it is considered improper for a male hairdresser to style a woman’s hair. But that does not bother the talented Léonard Minet. The film tells the story of how he manages to become a hairdresser at the King’s court in Versailles.

„One Day In Berlin 1926“ documents 24 hours of the police inspector Fritz Kiehl’s daily life in this city of sins. In that short golden age, living in Berlin consists of a constant clash of extremes more than anywhere else in the Weimar Republic.
Three murders per week and criminal gangs that have control over many districts of the city: The police find themselves in a crisis. Fritz Kiehl has to arrest a murderous robber, who he can only capture with the help of the newly developed methods of the homicide division.

Those main characters never existed, but their stories are still true – researched and condensed from historically confirmed biographies and new scientific findings.

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