The Indestructables

It is the stuff nightmares are made of: Falling from an airplane without a parachute. Being buried alive in an avalanche. Finding oneself trapped in a building engulfed in flames. These disasters can strike anyone at any time. Although most people who find themselves in these horrific situations will not live to tell their story, there are those who miraculously manage to survive. And although survivor stories have been told time and again, no show has truly uncovered the fascinating science behind these ‘miraculous’ events.  The Indestructibles takes a look at the science of surviving an extreme disaster. With this novel approach, the series will retell amazing stories of survival using original footage and will uncover the hard and fast science behind some of the most amazing survival stories of our time. At the center of each one-hour episode is a harrowing and personal story of survival-against-all-odds.

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