The Real Wolfman

The Real Wolfman is a two-hour special from award-winning Story House Productions which follows veteran criminal profiler, George Deuchar and renowned cryptozoologist, Ken Gerhardt as they investigate the legend of the notorious Wolfman – a man who transforms from human to Werewolf and kills when the moon is full. The result of their investigation is surprising. The Wolfman is real.

Deuchar and Gerhard investigate the biggest and most lethal Werewolf attack in history. Between the years of 1764 and 1767 the small French hamlet of Gevaudan was plagued by a mysterious beast that attacked and killed 102 villagers. The victims (mostly women and children) were all maliciously mauled and decapitated. All bore the bite marks of a non-human creature, and even more bizarre – many victims were found meticulously undressed and sexually assaulted. For centuries, the true identify of this mysterious “wolfman” has remained a mystery.

As Deuchar and Gerhard search for clues in this historical who-dun-it, (or what-dun-it) they discover the fascinating history behind the Wolfman legend. Digging deeply into the mythology of Werewolves, they uncover intriguing paranormal transformations, diseases that make men look and act like animals, strange but true stories of children raised by wolves, and the truth about silver bullets.

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