Trucker Babes

“Trucker Babes” follows women who work in the trucking and lorry business – a tough job that even most men can’t handle. Our ladies drive their huge 40-ton trucks through narrow villages, over icy roads, and into uncharted wastelands. Contrary to common believe, life on the road offers not only freedom, but all too often also poses obstacles and dangers that most other women would shy away from: Spending the night in a dark parking lot in the middle of nowhere. Loading dangerous cattle and stubborn pigs. Constantly dealing with sceptical looks and mean comments from the male colleagues. Sacrificing precious time with family and friends for the job.

Being a female trucker is a constant balancing act between work and private life. But these trucker babes show passion and confidence in their careers. Handling the time pressures of trucking, while facing criticism from their male counterparts, these strong women stand their ground in one of the toughest industries on earth.

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