V2: Nazi Rocket

Hitler’s Space Rocket

When the first V2 strikes, stories from three countries collide.

In England, Reginald Victor Jones is an Analyst at MI6 tracking top secret reports to outsmart the Nazi Rocket. British Intelligence must work against the clock to find a way to battle the menacing rockets that are battering the city. Jones, with his reputation as Churchill’s ‘wizard boy’, will need more than magic to beat the V2. In Germany, Werhner Von Braun is a Scientist whose dreams of stardust have now caused destruction. Under the control of the SS, things get darker and darker – has von Braun lost his aim for the stars? And in America, James Hamill is a young soldier sent to snag the German scientists and bring them back as a part of Operation Paperclip. The race for the resources is on – but will Hamill get what he needs before the Russians get it first?

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