Wahnsinn! Nietzsche!

Enlightener, visionary, mastermind of totalitarian systems – is Nietzsche really who we think he is? Which were really his own ideas? And what influence did his sister have on her brother? The documentary „Wahnsinn! Nietzsche“ brings to light a forgery scandal that is unprecedented in German history. After a nervous breakdown, the almost unknown philosopher spends his existence in complete mental derangement. But then something strange happens: Nietzsche suddenly becomes famous. His books turn into bestsellers. Adolf Hitler refers to the philosopher as his ideological mastermind.

This shapes Nietzsche’s image: to this day he is regarded as the great philosopher and author of „The Will to Power“. But when did Nietzsche write this book that was published immediately after his death? After his breakdown? Before? Or was this influential piece of writing froged? And is Nietzsche’s own sister Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche responsible for it? „Wahnsinn! Nietzsche“ investigates the background and consequences of a criminal falsification of works in the style of a modern investigation. The story also leads viewers into the abyss of a fatal relationship between two siblings, and brings to light a scandal that is unprecedented in German cultural history.

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