ZDF-Zeit: How Good is Our Meat?

Summer, sun and barbecue. For Germans, meat is the favourite dish – 65 kilograms per person lands on their plates. It has to be cheap and good, preferably marinated and ready-to-broil. In How Good is Our Meat? 5-Star chef Nelson Müller, answers the questions; How good is meat from the supermarket? Does it measure up to products from the butcher? Have commercial meat producers learned anything from  meat scandals? Nelson Müller visits farmers and big corporations, and analyzes the environmental damages of the meat production. The 5-Star chef also gives advice for the perfect barbecue to make the meat a delicious treat.

Nelson Müller is a 5-Star chef from Essen, Germany. In his restaurant he only uses select ingredients freshly prepared – often meat. Frequently he chooses special breeds, only serving the best pieces. But when Nelson hosts a barbecue with his friends, everybody brings their own meat, usually pre-marinated meat from the supermarket.

Grilled pork neck is the favourite barbecue meat of Germans. From the supermarket it is ready-prepared and packed. But it is cheaper than butcher’s meat? And does the butcher really have the better quality? Nelson Müller compares the two varieties – and finds out where the meat comes from.

Too much meat is unhealthy – so we are told. But what is the truth in this advice? Is it a question of the preparation? At his party Nelson Müller takes a look at the grills. He collects examples of meat and has a laboratory check it for acrylamide and cancer-causing substances. Then he gives practical advice on how to barbecue like a pro.

Nelson’s guests know, that the production of meat is claimed to be the worst climate killer. However, not all meat is produced the same way. Nelson Müller learns that pork, chicken and beef have different consequences to our ecological system.

For comparison 5-Star chef Nelson puts different types of meat from different origins on his grill. In a blind-test his guests determine which tastes the best. How good is our meat? And where do we really get the best quality. Find out in Nelson Müller’s great food check – How Good is Our Meat?

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