With Story House Production’s 30+ HD camera packages we can offer the right solution for any kind of task. Whether producing ENG- style, or high profile, cine- style documentaries or docu-dramas, our clients can rely on our experienced staff to choose from on a vast selection of equipment to make sure acquisition yields results to the highest international standards.

Story House Productions’ camera line-up includes ENG style cameras like the Sony PDW700, but also the latest in S35 cameras such as the Canon EOS C300 with cine lenses such as the Zeiss LWZ2. A great number of specialty cameras (high- speed, 3D, under water, shockproof and mini cameras) and a huge selection of camera accessories complete the selection and make sure that brilliant results are possible under any circumstances and also in the most hostile environment. We can even provide Drone Cameras for the unique shot you would never get in a non Hollywoodbudget.

Story House Productions’ cameramen are among the most experienced in the industry and have won awards all over the world. More than once they have set the visual standards for entire TV formats.

Our cameras:
Sony PDW700
Sony PMW-EX1
Sony NEX-FS700E
Canon C300
Canon 5D Mark III
Panasonic AG-3DA1

Light and Grip

Story House Productions’ light equipment is always being updated to suit virtually any filming location and situation. Whether the demand is for highly mobile, battery powered LED lights or big sets that require HMI equipment, or anything in between: we make sure that every project has the right tools and experienced operators on every set.

Story House Productions’ grip equipment offers a great variety from simple skater/ doorway dollies to Steadicam rigs, from various sized jibs to elaborate, remote controlled crane set-ups to make sure that every production can make the right moves to accomplish the vision.

Our light equipment:
Dedolight TecPro Felloni LED
Kino Flo