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Executive Board

As STORY HOUSE Productions continues to grow and evolve, our team of talented executives and employees stay committed to the same principle goal that started it all: deliver high-quality and entertaining storytelling to audiences all around the world.

Carsten Oblaender

Chief Executive Officer und General Manager STORY HOUSE Productions

Jens Afflerbach

Chief Executive Producer and General Manager STORY HOUSE Productions

Andreas Gutzeit

Chief Creative Officer und General Manager STORY HOUSE Productions

Jens Freels

Line Producer

Dr. Robert Preuss

Chief Financial Officer

Sigrun Laste

Executive Producer/Director

Arnd Piechottka

Executive Producer

Lena Locke

Executive Producer

Katharina Ringsgwandl

Executive Producer

Phillip Claroni

Executive Producer

Ira Beetz

Executive Producer

Daniel Maiterth

Executive Producer

Bhavika Maniar

Vice President of Finance

Sarah Culler

Line Producer

Bethany McMahon

Series Producer

Mirko Mikelskis

Senior Production Manager

Kathrin Seward

Production Manager

Simone Reitberger

Production Manager

Markus Sperl

Production Manager

Susan Dwier

Producer Fiction

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