The Girl At The Window

Life has never been easy for sixteen-year-old Leah Unger. With no father, little money and two younger siblings to care for, each day is a struggle onto itself. Leah works hard caring for her brother and sister and takes on extra jobs to bring in much needed cash. But Leah dreams for so much more for herself, and she doesn’t have to look far to see there’s a whole other world out there beyond the hardship that plagues her life. Just across the courtyard from her family’s rundown apartment is a world of wealth and privilege.

From her living room window, Leah has a clear view into the elaborate house of Preston and Sylvia Fossberg, wealthy real-estate developers intent on gentrifying the inner city Philadelphia neighborhood where Leah lives. During her few spare moments, Leah sits in her living room watching the Fossberg’s sixteen-year-old daughter, Francesca, stare out her own family’s front window. Though the two girls have never met in person, they share a silent connection, one Leah feels deeply as she watches Francesca sit motionless for hours on end. Francesca obviously has everything Leah longs for -a stable home, food on the table, and doting parents –but Leah can sense that her silent friend is deeply unhappy.

And on a clear moonlit night, she learns why.

While sitting at her window one evening, Leah sees Preston Fossberg walk out onto the second story balcony. In his arms he carries an unconscious Francesca. Leah watches in horror as Preston folds a piece of paper into his daughter’s hand and then tosses her from the balcony – a murder meant to look like a suicide.

A murder no one would have known about if it weren’t for a girl in the window on the other side of the courtyard.

Fueled by a deep loyalty to the friend she never met, Leah sets out to right this horrible wrong. With unflinching resolve, Leah creates an ingenious plan to find justice for Francesca. She arranges to take a job inside the Fossberg home and slowly ingratiates herself into their world of privilege. But Leah quickly learns that in this world, her street smarts have little value. She has taken on an enemy she has greatly underestimated, and all too soon, her search for justice turns into a fight for her own survival …

Girl at the Window, a feature length film from by award-winning STORY HOUSE Productions, is a taut psychological thriller in the vein of Rear Window. It is a film that asks the question: How far would you go to find justice for a friend you never met?

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