Story House Productions

The lost boys

A shadow moves in a darkened forest. A figure in silhouette, out of focus, is knee-deep in a pit.
Digging. In the background, the voice of a young man: ominous, cold, without remorse:
“I’ve killed people before, I just haven’t been caught.”
A quick succession of imagery evokes lurid desire: coy escort selfies, texts soliciting intimate
encounters, a strip club’s neon lights. Then a jarring juxtaposition: childhood snapshots, friends
at play, yearbook and prom photos. Taunting reminders of what is no more.
“I’m the big bad wolf come to blow your house down.”
A match lights. Flames engulf a large metal container. A .357 Magnum comes into frame.
“It’s nightmare on elm street, and guess who’s playing Freddy…”
The gun fires. And fires again. And again. And again. The final muzzle flash transitions to a
wide, overhead view: A newly dug, 12-foot deep pit, empty, waiting for someone to fill it.
In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a dark obsession grows until it can no longer be contained. In
July of 2017, it comes out of the shadows. Over the course of five days, four young men vanish,
one by one – all popular recent high school graduates with promising futures. Their
disappearances spark a different kind of true crime story – one that’s broadcast in real-time on
social media – and leads to a different kind of serial killer – one that’s driven by motives that do
not fit conventional profiles.
Profound personal stories form the emotional core of THE LOST BOYS. Who they are is also
crucial to the “whodunit” element: their disappearances are linked to personal connections
with one uniquely twisted individual – someone from within their social circle who seeks to
sever the ties that bind them. To unravel the mystery, Story House Productions has cultivated
personal relationships with friends and families of the victims, with the detectives who
conducted the relentless search and homicide investigation, and with the District Attorney
who confronted the killer and secured his confession and conviction. The production team is
also on the front lines of a much larger emerging story:
During his chilling confession, the killer recounted his recent crimes in ghastly detail. But he did
not stop there – the lost boys were not his first murders. There are other bodies waiting to be
THE LOST BOYS is more than a gripping new true crime story that’s waiting to be told; it’s a
mystery that continues to unfold. We have only just begun to scratch the surface.


Client: Discovery

info: 1x 50″, 2021

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